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🐄 Support ISKCON Cow Protection: Preserving Life, Honoring Tradition 🐄 Fund
1 nonprofit
🐄 Support ISKCON Cow Protection: Preserving Life, Honoring Tradition 🐄 Fund
Dear Friends and Animal Lovers, We are reaching out to you today with a heartfelt plea to join us in a noble cause that transcends boundaries and embodies the essence of compassion and respect for all living beings - the protection of cows. 🌾 Why Cow Protection Matters 🌾 Cows hold a unique and revered place in many cultures worldwide. Their protection is more than just an animal welfare initiative; it represents: ✨ Environmental Harmony: Cows play a crucial role in sustainable agriculture, nurturing the land and enriching our ecosystems. ✨ Ethical Compassion: Protecting cows reflects our shared responsibility to treat all creatures with kindness and dignity. ✨ Cultural Heritage: Cow protection preserves age-old traditions and values that resonate through generations. 🤲 How You Can Make a Difference 🤲 Your support for cow protection can make a significant impact: 🌿 Animal Welfare: Your contribution directly supports the well-being and care of these gentle animals. 🌱 Sustainable Farming: Promote eco-friendly and sustainable farming practices that benefit both cows and the environment. 🌼 Community Unity: Cow protection initiatives often foster a sense of community and shared responsibility. 🙏 Join Us in Nurturing Cows and Communities 🙏 Together, we can create a more compassionate and sustainable world where cows are protected, revered, and cherished. 🌐 Get Involved 🌐 Donate: Your contribution will help provide food, shelter, and medical care for cows in need. Volunteer: Join us in our cow protection efforts and experience the joy of hands-on service. Raise Awareness: Share our mission with friends and family to inspire others to join this vital cause. Visit to learn more about our cow protection initiatives and make a donation today. Together, let's nurture and protect these gentle souls who have been our companions on this Earth for centuries. Thank you for your compassion and support.
Art therapy for young people with intellectual difficulties Fund
1 nonprofit
Art therapy for young people with intellectual difficulties Fund
Project Northwest Foundation (Проект Северозапад) is starting a campaign to support young people with intellectual difficulties through art therapy and scholarship. The money will be used to buy materials, to hire teachers and provide scholarship. You can find more details here: The message from the foundation: Здравейте, предстои ни кампания в покрепа на нашата Арт работилница СЕВЕРОЗАПАД. В нея терапевтична подкрепа и занимания получават младежи с интелектуални затруднения, израснали в институция. За тях, ежедневните занимания в работилницата са възможност да придобиват умения, самочувствие. Те живеят изолирани, нямат на практика друг контакт с външния свят. По-голямата част от тях са поставени под запрещение, което означава, че нямат право на собствени решения, собствен бюджет, самостоятелно придвижване и т.н. Работата в работилницата и с нашите колеги им позволяват да имат пълноценни преживявания, контакти и среща с хора. За тях организираме посещения на събития, изложби и други. Можете да видите изработени от тях продукти. Средствата са ни необходими за осигуряване на арт терапевт, за организиране на тяхна изложба, за закупуване на материали. Когато преди 5 години започнахме да работим с тях, те бяха неуверени, нямаха умения да общуват. Днес те участват в различни базари, презентират своите произведения. Частично успявае да покриваме разходи от продажба на техни продукти, като 30% от средствата се използват за осигуряване на стипендии за тях. Това е линк към фейсбук страницата на работилницата:
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