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Clean Water

Providing access to clean drinking water has the potential to help 800 million people on the planet. Solutions as direct as building water wells and providing water treatment tools help women and children save time, reduce risk of harassment and sexual assaults, and have a direct impact on economic development.


Improved sanitation facilities are estimated to result in an average reduction in cases of diarrhea of more than 33%. The nonprofits in this fund engage in building latrines, setting up handwashing stations, and community involvement to ensure execution as well as ongoing maintenance.

Infrastructure, Governments, Policy

Newly built wells and safely constructed facilities could be lost in just a few short years if countries are unable to maintain infrastructure investments. Working with local, regional and national governments to sustain these facilities is therefore a critical component of maintaining sustainable water solutions.


Unsafe hygiene practices, like not washing hands with soap, strongly affect the mortality rates of infants and children in developing countries. Practices for hygiene require education and behavior change in addition to supplies. The select nonprofits in this fund tirelessly work to improve hygiene.

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