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Easterly Supports: Environmental Aid Fund
2 nonprofits
Easterly Supports: Environmental Aid Fund
It seems every day we’re faced with more ramifications of climate change and environmental impacts. Wildfire season used to last only from October to April, but today we’re seeing larger disasters year-round. Flooding concerns are no longer constrained to predicted flood zones. Global temperature rise is causing loss of habitat for plants, animals, and human beings. Now more than ever our daily actions impact the environment, and it is imperative that we continue to educate ourselves and take action to reduce our environmental footprint. Forest fires continue to plague California, forever impacting many different communities and ecosystems. In 2021 alone, roughly 2.6 million acres of land was damaged by a fire in California. Given our high concentration of employees and properties within California, we selected two important organizations to help combat natural disasters in a state that has been disproportionately impacted by extreme weather. As a building owner with sustainability at the forefront of our Company's efforts, Emily Pierce, Director of Sustainability, recommended two charities whose efforts directly support the preservation and protection of the natural environment, with a specific focus on California. These two organizations, The National Park Conservation Association and the California Fire Safe Council, are both recognized and certified 501(c)3 organizations. This Campaign will be open from July 1 – September 30 with a stated goal of reaching $2,500 in employee giving. Further, if we reach 100% employee participation, long time California resident, Mike Ibe will match donations dollar for dollar up to $1,500.00!
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