A beautiful home for every
employee to do good

Finally an all-in-one giving, matching and volunteering program that
employees love and companies trust.
Join a group of the world's most innovative companies who power their social good with Bright Funds

An all-in-one program designed for your needs


Giving and volunteering

Bring all your giving and volunteering programs under one roof.


Engage your global workforce with one platform for everyone in your company.

Real-time reporting

Gain meaningful and real-time insights into your company's social good.

Strategic giving

Help every employee do as much good as possible. We research causes and nonprofits for you.

Secure and all-in-one? done.

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Home_icon-checkmarkOne-time and recurring
Home_icon-checkmarkPayroll integration
Home_icon-checkmarkDollars for Doers
Home_icon-checkmarkOne global platform
Home_icon-checkmarkCharities in over 100 countries
Home_icon-checkmark139 currencies
Home_icon-checkmarkInternational nonprofit addition
Home_icon-checkmarkInternational NGO search
Home_icon-checkmarkAll-in-one admin experience
Home_icon-checkmarkReal-time reports
Home_icon-checkmarkEngagement metrics
Home_icon-checkmarkCustomizable reports
Home_icon-checkmarkDownloadable reports
Home_icon-checkmarkStrategic giving
Home_icon-checkmarkNonprofit data
Home_icon-checkmarkNonprofit impact stories
Home_icon-checkmarkDisaster relief
Home_icon-checkmarkFunds of vetted nonprofits
and more
See how Bright Funds will engage your employees and save you time.
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We help you empower every employee to do good

Our focus on strategic giving and impact reporting will engage more of your employees

Engage every employee with a beautiful experience

At the soul of Bright Funds is our focus on an emotionally rewarding giving experience. Everything we do starts with the simple questions, how will this make giving better?

Inspire your community with nonprofit stories

Your donation makes a difference, and you should be able to see that. Our team shares stories from nonprofits to give people a peek into their positive impact on the world.

Empower your people with strategic giving.

You want to improve the quality of education. Now what? Bright Funds researches cause areas and develops strategic solutions so that your employees can accomplish the good they want to see in the world.
JuliaSee how Bright Funds will engage your employees and save you time.
"That's where Bright Funds comes in by giving everyone the chance to really make a difference through giving or volunteering."
Brittany Wilkins, Brite Impact Manager
See how Bright Funds will power your giving and volunteering programs