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Swim Across America - Charlotte Fund
1 nonprofit
Swim Across America - Charlotte Fund
In our lifetime, 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer. I joined the Swim Across America community so that, together, we can change that. Last year I swam 2 miles and was able to share the accomplishment with my mother present at the event! I will be swimming swimming 2 miles (3520 yards / 3219 meters) again this year to show my support, raise awareness, and fund raise for cancer research. WE NEED TO FIND A CURE!!! I am dedicating this swim to my mother, Ursula Pugh, 6 year survivor of breast cancer and a good friends and colleagues whom we lost to cancer at the beginning of 2023: Joe Ruggiero and Bill Taylor. For my friends Gigi Madrid and Mary Ann Gottachalk Overturf whom are champions and fighters battling this disease today, and to all my family and friends that I have lost over the recent years; Ned Sexton, Tony Simpson (Throat), Malcolm Murphy (Bladder), Carol Grenier (Brain), Mr. Robinson (Pancreatic), Guy Merinac (Pancreatic), Herman Fons (Stomach), and many other countless losses. If you have any name(s) you would like for me to add to my support board, please send me them to me and I will be sure to add them! I will also send you a photo of the board at the event. If you are able, please support me by making a gift. The researchers we are funding are in our community and are the next generation of cancer pioneers. Without Swim Across America early stage funding, they are not able to conduct trials that can lead to breakthroughs that can save lives. Thank you for helping make an impact in the fight to find a cure!
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