New Frog Species Discovered in Peru

Protect the Environment FundManu National Park, Cusco, Peru
November 12, 2012

Amazon Conservation Association

The Amazon Conservation Association (ACA) is pleased to announce that an ACA-funded research team discovered the 7,000th amphibian species in the world at Wayqecha Biological Station! With over one-third of the world’s amphibian species listed as globally threatened or extinct due to the spread of chytrid fungus infecting frogs worldwide, this find is especially significant. The new glass frog, described as Centrolene sabini, is particularly intriguing for researchers due to its apparent resistance to the chytrid fungus. Ongoing research on Centrolene sabini will focus on bacteria found on the frog’s skin, which seems to provide protection from the deadly chytrid fungus and could eventually offer a preventive treatment for free-ranging frogs – a goal elusive to scientists thus far.

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