Critical Protection for Rarest Primates

Protect the Environment FundColombia
July 01, 2013

Rainforest Trust

The iconic Cotton-top Tamarin and the Colombian Spider Monkey are two of the rarest primates in the Americas and both are found only in northwest Colombia. Sadly, rampant deforestation and gold mining across their tiny range threaten their very survival. It is estimated that 80% of their rainforest has been lost, and what little remains is at severe risk from cattle ranching, gold-mining, and banana plantations. WLT-US is proud to report that in March, our supporters generously donated enough funds to secure 5,691 acres of prime, in-tact forest lands for these primates, ensuring their future survival. This new reserve, The Titi Nature Reserve, represents one of the first protected areas for both monkeys and houses the last viable population for the spider monkey and more than 50% of the remaining population of the tamarin.

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