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Thanksgiving Back Day 2022 Fund

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Un Kilo de Ayuda A.C.

Based on the dignity of the person, we believe that to achieve real freedom, we must ensure the maximum development of the physical, intellectual and emotional capacities of early childhood.
We seek for a Mexico that ensures the right conditions for a full early childhood development

Asociación Mexicana de transformación Rural Y Urbana A.C. (Amextra)


Children who learn to read and write can be carriers of culture and development for their family and for the community in which they live.

Comision Unidos Vs Trata A. C.

Our mission is to gather efforts from the organized civil society, private and public sectors to fight against human trafficking, specially those focused on prevention, victim reintegration and a legislation that advocates in favor of victims.

Fundación OWEN I.A.P

We train and train Assistance Dogs in the 5 specialties: Guide Dogs, Medical Alert Dogs, Dogs for Limited Mobility, Dogs for Autistic Appearance Disorder and Signal Dogs.

Telecomunicaciones Indígenas Comunitarias

We build autonomous, safe and affordable telecommunication alternatives based on communication as a fundamental individual and collective right, strengthening the processes of communication, autonomy, self-determination and good living of indigenous and rural communities through participatory processes and with a perspective of popular education, free culture and digital rights.

C.A.S.A. Yekkan, A.C.

Give dignity to older adults in situations of abandonment, through comprehensive care, detecting, preventing and following up on their illnesses and requirements, taking into account their personal needs, offering quality care and warmth in a family environment.

Hacemos que Suceda A.C.

To be the link between animal protection associations and people and companies interested in contributing to the construction of a better and greater culture for animal welfare. That animal protection associations have a more sustainable operation, with better practices and that animals under their protection and protection have better living conditions and greater opportunities for social reintegration. That the workers have a decent income according to their activities and their founders operate in a sustained manner


Encourage social processes that favour the integral development of people, communities and organizations that face vulnerable, poor and emergence conditions through skill development, proper training, orientation and forming alliances with local governments that attract public resources and attention to improve their living conditions.

Thanksgiving Back Day 2022 Fund

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