War Child Holland

War Child Holland

Helmholtzstraat 61-G, Amsterdam, 1098 LE, NL

War Child helps to improve the wellbeing of children forced to live in war and armed conflict. We provide vital education, protection and psychosocial support. Because no child belongs in war. Ever.

War Child Holland
International Aid Agency

Since our establishment, War Child has made an essential and lasting impact in the lives of children and young people affected by armed conflict. Today we work in 15 countries to provide children with vital education, protection and psychosocial support. We use the power of technology to help thousands of children access quality education - no matter where they live. We help them to regain their sense of confidence, restore their outlook on the future, and feel safe again through our programmes. We will continue to increase the reach and impact of our programmes for those who are most vulnerable, those who did not ask to be caught up in conflict, those who are the future of their countries: children and young people. Our goal is to empower them to build a better future - both for themselves and their communities.

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