Shikshya Foundation Nepal

Shikshya Foundation Nepal

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Shikshya Foundation Nepal seeks to oversee and facilitate the education of children in need from primary school through secondary school and higher education. Through partnerships with like-minded schools and organizations throughout Nepal, we have been able to work closely with children on an individual and personal level. Our hope is to enrich the lives of Nepalese youth by providing them with holistic growth as well as financial, social and emotional support. We also aim to help produce a critical mass of leaders who will be instrumental in turning Nepali society into one which is just, equitable, secular, accountable, thinking, questioning, progressive and prosperous.Due to the crippling aftermath of the April 2015 earthquake, we have broadened our focus in order to contribute to the rebuilding of Nepal and the healing of the Nepali people. Our aim is to support community-driven, long-term rebuilding and recovery efforts with a focus on education, women’s empowerment, public health and local employment.

Shikshya Foundation Nepal
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To provide best possible education to 300 underprivileged children within 10 years of the start of this foundation who will be shapers of the nation’s destiny.

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