Pci   Project Concern International

Pci Project Concern International

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Founded in 1961, PCI's mission is to enhance health, end hunger and overcome hardship. PCI is committed to sustainable change in the health and self-sufficiency of people living in extreme poverty. Through nearly 60 years of experience working in communities living in poverty around the world, key learnings form the foundation for everything we do and for our distinct approach to international health and development programming. We know that the problems of poor health and poverty are inseparable, and that there is no simple or single solution. We know that sustainable solutions require individual and community ownership, and must address the root causes of the problems they face.

Pci   Project Concern International
PCI works in impoverished communities around the world to save children’s lives, improve health, and create long-term change. PCI is actively involved in fighting hunger and poverty, preventing disease, and responding to the AIDS crisis.
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