Opengov Foundation

Opengov Foundation

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1875 Connecticut Ave, Nw 10th Floor, c/o WeWork-DuPont, Washington, DC, 20009, US

The Opengov Foundation is building the operating system for modern democracies, bringing lawmaking into the Internet Age. Our user-friendly, effective and free technologies support every citizen's ability to participate in their government, and hold it accountable, while radically increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of legislatures of all sizes. We work wherever a paper-based legislature needs transforming: which, right now, is everywhere in the United States of America.

The OpenGov Foundation's award-winning team and open source technologies-- from Madison to the State Decoded and AssemblyWorks-- help legislatures save time and effort, resulting in a vastly improved, streamlined legislative process at a far lower cost. How do we create 21st century legislatures? We immerse ourselves in our partner communities and governments, understanding their needs and constraints. And at the same time, we join with citizens to help them engage with their elected officials with user-friendly websites and information formats that allow them to access, understand, and comment on laws and legislation that govern their daily lives. Ultimately, The OpenGov FOundation helps citizens, stakeholders and officials stay up to date with government activities and provide feedback on in-process initiatives.

To deliver transformative legislative change, we partner with communities and their governments. Our core government partners include: Chicago, San Francisco, New York City, Montgomery County (MD), Washington, D.C. and the United States Congress. Our current funders include: The Knight Foundation, Shuttleworth Foundation, Rita Allen Foundation, Consumer Technology Association and the Democracy Fund.

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