KickStart-International, Inc.

KickStart-International, Inc.

1849 Geary Blvd Unit 15908, San Francisco, CA, 94115, US

KickStart is a non-profit social enterprise committed to fighting poverty, increasing food security, and building resilience to climate change for smallholder farmers across sub-Saharan Africa. Over 290,000 farmers have adopted KickStart's high-quality, affordable, and innovative irrigation technologies to start profitable agribusinesses. These businesses have gone on to produce enough fruits and vegetables to feed over 15 million people every year, and generate $200 million in new profits and farm wages annually - dissolving circumstances of poverty for 1.5 million people. KickStart invests in tools that best meet the needs of enterprising farmers by increasing their agricultural productivity and household incomes, while ensuring environmental sustainability.

KickStart-International, Inc.
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KickStart’s mission is to get millions of people out of poverty quickly, cost effectively, and sustainably. By doing this KickStart aims to change the way the world fights poverty.

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