Thousand Currents

Thousand Currents

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548 Market St Ste 62831, San Francisco, CA, 94104, US

Thousand Currents believes the answers to the most entrenched societal challenges around the world rest in the hands of directly affected frontline communities. We raise money to fund those communities, which are organized as grassroots groups and social movements, working in the areas of food, economic, and climate justice. Currently, we support over 130 women and girls, youth,and Indigenous-led groups, alliances, and movements across Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and Latin America with core, flexible, long-term grants and value-added services. Thousand Currents is a bridge-builder that connects donors in the Global North with leaders and solutions in the Global South through relationships of solidarity, trust, and respect — not charity.

Thousand Currents
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Thousand Currents promotes sustainable solutions to poverty by providing long-term grants and access to resources to locally run organizations in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

*Thousand Currents is no longer the fiscal sponsor for the BLM Global Network. Please direct donations to support BLM Global Network to Tides Foundation (EIN 510198509).

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