greenlight for girls, asbl

greenlight for girls, asbl

Avenue du Maelbeek, 31, Ixelles, Brussels, Brussels, 1040, BE

Our mission is to encourage girls of any age of any background to consider and pursue STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) related studies and careers by introducing them to the world of science in fun and exciting ways.

In order to do that, we organize interactive events around the world with our global partners, we craft hands-on workshops thanks to our expertise in STEM, design thinking, and experiential learning, we connect girls with inspiring role models in the STEM professions thanks to our local & global networks, and we share our knowledge and resources about STEM and Women in Science in a fun and educative way.
We also want to provide an outlet for professionals, with particular emphasis on females in STEM fields, to work together, meet one another and contribute to this worthy mission, and to booster self-confidence of girls and women, especially those who may not have positive influences or economic advantages

We envision a balanced world where girls from any nation, any background and of any age know they have the possibility and choice to enter the world of math, science and technology and to realise that their future is full of possibilities

greenlight for girls, asbl
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