Fundacion Proyecto Union

Fundacion Proyecto Union

Carrera 5 # 67-74, Bogotá, 110111, CO

Fundación Proyecto Unión, NGO, created in 1999, works for social inclusion, recovering the hope of two of the most vulnerable and special populations: sick children with pathologies that are difficult to manage and elderly street dwellers in the country. It also works with children who have been abused or abandoned in hospitals. During these years it has assisted about 1300 children, 550 families and 200 elderly people.


1. Support the integral protection and restoration of rights of vulnerable children and adolescents in condition of disability, and child population that presents some pathology difficult to manage, improving their quality of life.

2. Reduce inequality gaps with programs aimed at elderly street dwellers.

Mission: We get up every day to recover the hope of human beings in vulnerable conditions.

Vision: We dream and work to improve the health care of our children in a continuous, timely, quality manner, as well as we work for the dignification of the life of the older adult street dweller.

The structure of the Union Project Foundation is made up of a Board of Directors, the General Management and Processes.
The Map of Processes is divided into Strategic, Mission and Support; interrelated and supported by a Manual of Processes and Procedures.
The Foundation has more than 50 employees and is organized by the following teams:
- Institutional Development
- Nursing
- Professional
- General Support
- Communities and Communications
- Administrative
- Senior Citizen Coordination and Support
- Coordination and Support of "House of Angels"

There is an agreement with Colombian Institute of Family Welfare -ICBF-, that contributes an important percentage to the care of the children, the remaining and with the program of House of angels there are organizations and foundations such as: Foundation New Horizons, they contribute monthly and donated the land where the new headquarters is being built, and almost 70% of the donations come from individuals and 30% from the business sector. Also through calls for proposals.

The main donors for the operation of the programs for elderly people living on the streets, both in the dining room and in the shelter, are: Foundation New Horizons, Association of former PAHO/who members, and diverse individuals and private companies.

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