Associacao Prato Cheio

Associacao Prato Cheio

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Rua Luis Coelho, 308 Cj.25, Consolacao,, Sao Paulo, N/A, 01309-902, BR

Promote access to adequate food for people at social risk and vulnerability, by fighting food waste and enhancing nutrition education, contributing to environmental development.Aligned to Millennium Development Goals, Prato Cheio contributes to fight hunger and malnutrition, improving the food using that would be waste through the supply chain.The operation of Prato Cheio is based on "Urban Harvest" Program, concept developed by Food Chain, a northern American NGO network. It has as basis fresh food gathering safely and its later transfer.


Prato Cheio´s action is based on the Colheita Urbana Program, a concept developed by Food Chain, which is a North American and Canadian network of NGOs. It’s based on collecting fresh food in a safe manner and further transferring them. Aligned with the Millennium Development Goals, Prato Cheio´s projects contribute to:

• Hunger combat;
• Nutritional value added to meals;
• Reduction of food waste;
• Reduction of organic residues inappropriately disposed;
• Development of partnerships for a sustainable socio-environment.