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Widower father and 3 children need support Fund

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Update from Kids Care: Kids Care provided 3 computers for each of the children, food supplies and one-on-one singing lessons for a whole year to the talented eldest daughter. This year, 2022, she graduated high school and is now fully prepared for the university singing exams. Before we entered their lives, she did not even dare to dream of such a possibility, she had completely lost faith in herself. Her talent is unparalleled, she participates in television shows, national and international competitions. She is the face of the young generation in the village, she gives hope and energy to the small settlement. The second child became very introverted and silent since the loss of his mother, he was very attached to her. We provided psychological support for him. He has a natural talent for drawing with regular pencils, although he has never had lessons. We have offered him individual drawing lessons, but for now he is putting it off because he has not yet dealt with the trauma of losing his mother. The child is valiant and hardworking and we will monitor his development and continue to support him. The youngest girl has an interest in computer technology. With her new computer, she began to quickly learn and develop her interests. She does not use it for games, like other children, but digs into learning about applications and how the computer works. Georgi and his 3 children recently suffered the loss of both the children's mother and grandmother in a short period of time. Georgi works hard to feed and take care of the children, but needs additional support. The grieving family needs assistance with food, bills and clothing. The children are also hard working and have talents that need help developing.
Widower father and 3 children need support Fund

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