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Veterans In Action - Gift of Connection 2022 Fund


VIA as an organisation, have developed our own unique Program called ALIVE based on the studies into Adventure and Wilderness Therapy which include a Centre Based Element and Outdoor Element with veterans participating on ALIVE are encouraged to take part on fundraising events as a way of engaging with the public within their immediate community and in different areas around the country. This enables local veterans from one locale to meet and discuss the organisation and its merits with individuals from other areas of the UK, already embarked on their own expeditions. Being involved with the ALIVE Programme, veterans once again begin to learn that despite what they may be going through, they can still ACHIEVE remarkable things and grow as an individual and as part of a team, just like they once did in the military. More recently, with the terrible situation in Ukraine, VIA has been putting its expedition vehicles and skills to good use by delivering much-needed aid. Like many charities, with the cost of living crisis biting, VIA has been struggling with funds to continue their great work helping both veterans and others in need. Please consider donating your Gift of Connection to this very worthy charity.
Veterans In Action - Gift of Connection 2022 Fund

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