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Venezuela country known for it beauty and natural resources is living now a difficult situation. Today Venezuela suffers a humanitarian crisis which includes shortages of foods, political prisoners. The highest inflation ever which makes it even more difficult for people with minimum wage. Join me in supporting nonprofits that are helping the people in Venezuela

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Programa De Ayuda Humanitaria Para Venezuela

We collect medical supplies, prescription medicines, counter medicines, orthopedic supplies, medical equipment, infant formula and food to 90 non-governmental and non-profit institutions in Venezuela. We are going through the worst humanitarian crisis in our history and perhaps the American Continent and we make a desperate call with tears in our eyes and a broken heart to help us because every day the country dies. We beg the world to help us.

Superatec A.C.

Teaching people in difficult economical situation to use technology and different office skills, as well as help them through the process of getting a job (creating their CVs, getting interviews, interviewing, and actually getting a job)

Autismo en Voz Alta

Educate individuals with autism so they can develop the skills and abilities required to function effectively within their family and social environment. We want to become the reference educational model in Venezuela for the attention of individuals with autism.

Hogar Bambi Venezuela

To provide excellent quality holistic and nurturing care to children and youth between 0 and 18 years of age who are not able to live with their families. Separated from their family environment due to abuse, mistreatment or economic hardship, Hogar Bambi provides children with a temporary, substitute home that serves as a stable foundation for their growth and development. Hogar Bambi then facilitates their return to their biological families or adoption in order to re-integrate the child into a family environment with safe and stable conditions.

Venezuela Awareness Foundation Inc

Defense of democracy and human rights in Venezuela, by denouncing before World Human Rights Organizations, the continuous violations happening in Venezuela, by torture and unlawful imprisonment. Through Raices program in South Florida, continuously helps vulnerable immigrants by providing them with guidance, immediate relief with the resources needed to live productive lives.

Venezuelan Nonprofits  Fund

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