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Turkey and Syria Earthquake Relief Fund


We are launching a fundraising campaign to support three organizations that are providing aide to the people of Turkey and Syria affected by the earthquakes.

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Airlink Inc

Mission Statement: Airlink works with its airline and logistics partners to help NGOs respond to humanitarian emergencies where the supply chain is constrained and international aid is required. Our responses to hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and other disasters have brought life-saving and life-changing aid to some of the world’s most vulnerable beneficiaries.
Airlink also focuses on alleviating suffering in protracted emergencies, including the Syrian refugee crisis, Rohingya refugee crisis, and complex crises in South Sudan and the Horn of Africa.
Airlink also works to address ongoing needs in the developing world, such as access to clean water, food, shelter, and medical aid to improve community resiliency.

Summary of Earthquake Relief: Airlink’s experience of past earthquake responses is that they unfold along a short, medium and long-term time horizon with needs changing at each stage. Initially, search and rescue, medical support teams, temporary shelter, and food and water security will be the most pressing needs. This may also include solar lamps for individuals and families, localized small unit generators, and technical equipment to patch together local infrastructure and allow communications for the better coordination of aid, as well as enabling local people to connect to their family networks – which can help in reducing community recovery times substantially. In the longer term, the focus will shift to debris removal and rebuilding support for local infrastructure and amenities, such as health system strengthening, rebuilding educational facilities, bringing plant and machinery for the production and delivery of clean drinking water and reliable power back online. Airlink anticipates providing free air transport in the short, medium, and long-term response phases.

Turkey and Syria Earthquake Relief Fund

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