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This fund to provide disaster relief after the explosion in Beirut to support the Lebanese Red Cross

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We are all in shock witnessing the massive explosion that happened in Beirut on the 4th of August. This comes at a time when the Lebanese nation is already suffering from a catastrophic economic situation, an unprecedented pandemic and relentless government corruption. The impact was intense, rippling through several areas of the capital and could be heard 149 miles away on the island of Cyprus. According to the Lebanese Red Cross, the reported loss of life is more than 100 people and 4,000 injured. Currently, search and rescue teams are still digging through rubble looking for missing persons. There is significant damage to structures and authorities continue to assess damage. The exact cause of the explosion remains unconfirmed, though Lebanon authorities have stated that highly explosive material that has been stored at the port for years had blown up following a fire. Lebanese Red Cross teams are on the ground responding to humanitarian needs. All 125 Lebanese Red Cross ambulances are responding to the site of the explosion, rescuing and transporting the critically wounded to hospitals. On site, the Lebanese Red Cross is performing search and rescue in addition to treating people suffering from injuries. Triage and first aid stations have been set up across the Beirut port to treat injuries. Many Lebanese people have lost their homes and essentials. In response, the Lebanese Red Cross is providing emergency shelter for 1,000 families and anticipates providing shelter for as many as 10,000 families in the coming months. Food, water, hygiene kits, masks, gloves and other essentials are being distributed to vulnerable families in need. To meet emotional support needs, trained team members are providing crisis counseling to the community. For family members that have been separated by this event, the Red Cross Restoring Family Links program is reconnecting families. The primary focus is saving lives right now. As hospitals continue to be overwhelmed, the Lebanese Red Cross has 36 health centers and nine mobile medical units operating in all regions of the country. These medical services are provided to all people in need, free of charge. The money will be spent to the Lebanese Red Cross. If you have any questions on this campaign, feel free to contact Francois A. Atallah ""
This fund to provide disaster relief after the explosion in Beirut to support the Lebanese Red Cross

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