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Supporting Trans Rights and Trans Day of Visibility 2023 Fund


Each year on March 31, International Transgender Day of Visibility celebrates the joy and resilience of trans and non-binary people everywhere by elevating their voices, visibility and experiences. We must however acknowledge that current discourse in the public sphere and increase in discriminatory legislation is taking a deep toll on the wellbeing of the transgender community. More and more trans people are increasingly worried about their own safety as we must always remember that anti-trans legislation and sentiment are directly tied to anti-trans violence. This Trans Day of Visibility, Pride@ invites you to support organisations from 4 Pinterest regions, which support transgender rights.

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National Black Trans Advocacy Coalition

Improve the black trans human experience by overcoming violence and injustice in the world through the power, value and love of all people


EDUCATRANSFORMA is an agent of transformation based on the pillars of diversity, inclusion, social responsibility, and the sense of belonging of all people.
We connect the links to realize positive impact:
we are a national agent providing free remote training for trans people in technology, innovation, management, human resources and service areas;
we guide organizations to evolve their own culture through diversity consultancy;
we raise awareness and develop, focusing on talent recognition groups;
we promote innovation through different perspectives, making the ecosystem responsible and representative for everyone.
We are the connection between people, organizations, professional qualification, diversity and inclusion.
We are the agent that drives society towards a more just, responsible, representative and equitable world.
Education, Support Network, Affection and Empowerment for people who are part of the project:
Free technical training in up to 10 technologies, innovation, management, digital marketing, and others.
Individual technical mentorships with specialists in the areas;
Psychopedagogical support;
Free psychological assistance;
Development of free soft skills;
Name and gender rectification assistance for trans people;
Health-related assistance regarding financial treatments, including physical health and gender conforming treatments and medictions such as hormones;
Assistance for internet payment;
Donation of notebooks;
Food donations;
Bridge to employability with organizations that work with us in partnerships to make environments safer for people of this group.

Nijiiro Diversity

Nijiiro Diversity defends human rights and the dignity of LGBT people, their families and allies. We continue to invest in research and development toward a more equitable and rewarding society where no one is left behind. We focus on changing companies, governents, and the law.


Our mission is to increase understanding of gender diversity and to improve the quality of life of trans people, and young trans people in particular. We work mainly in England, but also across the UK and occasionally overseas. We run youth groups and residentials, support young people and professionals in educational settings, and provide trans awareness training and consultancy to all sectors.

Supporting Trans Rights and Trans Day of Visibility 2023 Fund

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