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In these last moments, Haiti is going through a hell of troubles characterized by armed violence, insecurity, kidnappings and political instability. This situation plunges the Haitian people even further into poverty, characterized by rising inflation and unemployment. Such a situation has several negative impacts on Haitian society, in particular the difficulty for Haitian children to complete their school year, which results in shortcomings by not being able to cover all the lesson objectives as planned. Thus, the organization Haitian Support Connections, in order to fill this educational gap, took the initiative to start its first summer camp entitled "Summer Learning, Educate to Serve!" This summer camp aims to help 300 Haitian students from elementary and middle schools in the most affected and underserved areas of Haiti, which are: Buisson (South), Petit Goave & Cité Soleil (West), Saint Raphaël & Labysinthe (North). Trough this summer camp, students will have the opportunity to fill in their gaps in science, mathematics, writing and spelling coupled with recreational activities and psycho-emotional support over a period of 6 weeks for a cost of $25 per student. Thank you for being part of this great cause!

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