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Singapore Covid 19 Outreach & Response Fund


Being known as one of the most developed and wealthiest states in the world, it is hard to see the hidden hunger and poverty in Singapore. Nearly 20% of the survey participants in the low-income area reported severe food insecurity in 2018 in a SMU study. In a food paradise country like Singapore, thousands still struggle to put food on their tables. For some, a 2 dollar plate of chicken rice is a luxury that can only have once a week. Covid 19 has deepened hunger and poverty , created unimaginable suffering and devastation. Job loss and social distancing are making it harder to access food. We hope through this campaign, we can reach out to the vulnerable, to alleviate the difficulties and challenges they are facing everyday. Hunger should be eradicated when abundance seems to be present everywhere.
Singapore Covid 19 Outreach & Response Fund

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