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Mission Asset Fund

How can you get ahead if you can’t get a car loan, pay your tuition, or save up for a security deposit? Predatory businesses like payday loan companies trap hardworking, low-income people in a cycle of debt.

When bank loans aren’t options and friends and family can’t help, Mission Asset Fund's Lending Circles can. They provide zero-interest loans that enable participants to build credit and access affordable capital.

Here's how the Lending Circles work: Six to ten people join together and create a loan pool. The loan rotates, until everyone in the circle has her/his chance. Each participant has her/his own need or goal for borrowing, but they are united in their pursuit of financial stability.

Access to credit is the gateway to so many pieces of the American Dream. Mission Asset Fund enables people who have been shut out to dream again.

East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation

Home is more than a place to hang your hat. It's your connection to the community, it's your lifeline, and it's your context.

Because everyone needs a home, EBALDC works with and for all the diverse populations of the East Bay by building healthy, vibrant, and safe neighborhoods.

Since 1975, EBALDC has invested more than $200 million in the East Bay. That translates to 2,046 homes and more than 300,000 square feet of commercial space. EBALDC's Neighborhood and Economic Development programs serve 4,000 low-income people annually, through resident services in its buildings, financial education and counseling, youth and senior programming, and free tax preparation and assistance. Dare to imagine a time when everyone in the East Bay lives long, healthy lives in safe and affordable homes located in opportunity-rich neighborhoods: Support EBALDC.

Share the Wealth,  San Francisco Bay Area Fund

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