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Restore the Rainbow Hub Sofia, Bulgaria Fund


Last month the first (and only) LGBT community center in Sofia, Bulgaria was trashed by a group of far-right extremists led by presidential candidate Boyan Rasate (who, by the way, was also behind the Molotov cocktail attack on the first Sofia Pride parade almost 15 years ago). They also punched a lady in the face, who works at Bilitis, one of the organizations behind the community center. This happened in the middle of a community event led by two trans women to discuss the very recent Constitutional Court decision that gender can only mean biological sex, which may have pretty bad legal implications for trans folks who want to have their gender marker updated. In order for the damage to be repaired, and the center to become again The Safe Space for the Sofia LGBTQ+ and allies we would need you help and support. Donations are welcome, yet not the most important thing. The LGBTQ+ community and the open allies in my country need advocacy, acceptance, inclusion and equal access to civil rights, educational and professional opportunities. You can be our voice and our representatives. Thank you.
Restore the Rainbow Hub Sofia, Bulgaria Fund

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