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A strong education can define the future of youth around the world. Join me in supporting project POVERTY NO MORE in sending kids living in dumpsite communities in Manila to school (AUD300 will fund a whole year of education of 1 child). If you decide to donate make sure you add DESIGNATION: for the Poverty No More project J1006N You can find more information on this project here:

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Imagine you are a kid living in a gigantic dumpsite without fresh water, without toilets, walking without shoes knee deep in toxic waste and constantly contracting skin diseases, imagine eating food you find in the garbage the city disposes on your 'doorstep'... Sometimes you get fed a bowl of spaghetti bolognese and maybe you get some gumboots and clothes. Sure that brightens your day but all you dream of is to be able to go to school, get education and a job outside of the dumpsite and take your family with you but your parents can't afford to send you to school (even though public education is free you still need uniform, books, stationary etc) plus someone must stay home to look after younger siblings while your parents go scavenging through the new 'deliveries' of trash.... When your parents come back home hungry, dirty and with nothing worthy selling, your future flashes in front of your eyes... As a mother I can't imagine such life for my children and I believe no child should be denied happy and playful childhood AND most importantly no child should be denied education. This is why I support POVERTY NO MORE who partnered with Global Development Group for fundraising and disbursement of donation - every dollar we raise will help some child to fund their education! So dig deep in your pockets and don't forget to ask VMware to match your donation :)


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Tags: Education, End Poverty, Help Communities living in Dumpsites
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