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Political transparency, accountability and engagement in the UK Fund

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Increasing political transparency, accountability and engagement in the UK

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UKCOD (otherwise known as mySociety) has for fifteen years helped citizens hold those in power accountable and engage positively in democratic process. While they are based in and had the most impact in the UK their technologies are open source and have directly or indirectly lead to similar efforts internationally. Projects like 'TheyWorkForYou' are the de-facto standard tools for citizens and representatives to find and evidence who said what and how they voted on key issues in the UK. Similarly WhatDoTheyKnow handles over 15% of all Freedom of Information requests made in the UK and maintains an open database of of 500k requests and responses made in the UK. WhatDoTheyKnow is frequently used to break stories by The Guardian, The Independent and The Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

Full Fact

Full Fact are the only independent charity in the UK that are dedicated to finding, exposing and countering misinformation and the misrepresentation of data in the media and political debate. They are the only organisation that are currently engaged in fact checking every election campaign and debate. They have cross-party representation on their board and are politically neutral.

The Trust For The Bureau Of Investigative Journalism

Democracy itself is imperilled in the absence of honest information and a robust watchdog to hold government and the powerful to account. Without that we all become susceptible to the manipulation and deceptions orchestrated by governments, industry or even the media. The Bureau of Investigative Journalism stories educate citizens and help them better understand their world, give a voice to the voiceless, and hold people and organisations with power to account. TBIJ have prompted official inquiries in the UK, EU and US; influenced changes in British policy on refugees, housebuilding and care homes; and resulted in greater transparency about civilian casualties in America’s covert drone war. The Bureau relies on donations from foundations and individuals, it has cross-party and politically neutral representation and support.

Transparency International Uk

Friends of TI supports the vision of Transparency International of a world free from corruption. TI and its national chapters in more than 100 countries around the world works with whistleblowers, strategic partners, government and private sector reformers and those most affected by corruption to make governments more accountable to the people they serve. In the UK Transparency International have fought for and secured in legislation a new Bribery Act, published the most comprehensive study into corruption and maintain which contains a complete and open database of lobbying activities in UK government.

Political transparency, accountability and engagement in the UK Fund

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