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You can help change the world one action at a time! Through the “One Cisco Latam Giving Back Campaign” you will support non-profit organizations that serve vulnerable communities in Latin America that are in critical need in one or more of these areas: Housing Basic Needs Education Disaster Response Animals and Environment Support If you have a specific nonprofit you'd like to support, click their name below. If you'd like to support all the nonprofits with one donation, click the fund link below.

Your donation supports

Ser Humano, A.C.

We are a non-profit organization created to contribute to reducing the negative impact of sexually transmitted infections, HIV and AIDS in human beings at risk by offering programs and services for prevention, medical-psychological care, social assistance and training, supported by science, education for sexual health, art, human rights and gender equity; promoting the significant participation of infected and affected people, to increase their quality of life.

Reinserta un Mexicano A.C.

Our mission is to raise awareness in society to transform reality in detention centers. Understanding them as a driving force for change in the insecurity crisis in Mexico.

Fundación Iluminando con Amor, A.C.

We are a Non-Profit Civil Association, formed by a group of young people who focus our service activities on the following principles: Help, care and accompany people who are in a vulnerable situation, mainly in hospitals and homes. This through our support circles and our committed team of volunteers.

Banco de Tapitas A.C.

Our mission is to be the best civil organization in Mexico specialized in generating resources through plastic recycling in order to support and assist children under 21 years of age who have a diagnosis of cancer. Through civil effort and collaborative work of the people who make up the association we work with respect, gratitude and passion to serve.

Hacemos que Suceda A.C.

Our mission is to be the link between animal protection associations and people and companies interested in contributing to the construction of a better and greater culture for animal welfare. That animal protection associations have a more sustainable operation, with better practices and that animals under their protection and protection have better living conditions and greater opportunities for social reintegration.

Associação Prato Cheio

Instituto Socioambiental-ISA

The Socio-Environmental Institute (ISA) is one of Brazil's leading environmental and indigenous organizations. With 23 years of existence, the current ISA regionally and nationally to defend indigenous peoples, traditional communities, human rights and cultural heritage, valuing Brazil's socio-environmental diversity.

Lifting Hands Foundation

Our mission is to provide an integrated after school support to children, youth and adults in four different areas: Education, Psychology, Health and community development in impoverished communities

Asociacion Latin American Sea Turtles - LAST

Our vision is to realize a future where all inhabitants of the Costa Rican coasts, human and sea turtle alike, can live together in balance; where healthy populations of sea turtles fulfill their ecological roles and economic potential; and critical natural habitats are sustainably managed.


Kusimayo, "happy river" in Quechua, is a non-profit organization that makes a difference in the lives of children, families and the elderly in rural communities in the districts of Lampa and Puno of the Puno region, since 2008.

Banco de Alimentos Argentina

Banco de Alimentos Argentina

EsLaRed Foundation

EsLaRed Foundation

Fundacion CRAN

Our mission is to ensure that our boys, girls and adolescents grow up in a familiar, loving and caring environment that allows them to exercise their rights. Our vision is to be a social development organization recognized for its impact in transforming adults into those responsible for effectively ensuring the rights of those in infancy and adolescence. Our values: Transparency: We adopt self-regulation principles in order to generate confidence about who we are and what we do Respect: We recognize one another as valuable, worthy and different human beings

Desafio Levantemos

Desafío Levantemos Chile busca soluciones privadas a problemas públicos. Contáctanos al 8003601111 o desde celulares 224246050.

Habitat for Humanity - Colombia

Habitat for Humanity Colombia strives to become an alternative for low income families, helping families to build and improve their own homes. Habitat Colombia seeks support and partnership from government, the private sector and civil society?especially young people.

Servicio Jesuita a Migrantes

The Jesuit Migrant Service is a non-profit organization that belongs to the Society of Jesus and aims to promote and protect the human rights of migrants and refugees. The foundation has three offices, one in Arica, another in Antofagasta and in Santiago. The organization has a Social Area, Education and Intercultural area, Legal Area, Advocacy Area, Alliances and communications area, and Administration and Finance area. Last year we served more than 10,000 people directly, either in person or through our Migrapp application.


We aim to provide opportunities for women living in the communities surrounding the Guatemala City Garbage Dump (GCGD). Our goal is to improve their lives through various income-generating and welfare initiatives that foster self-esteem, physical health and financial independence. These services address the structural factors that contribute to the fear and oppression that the women of the GCGD regularly experience. In a culture where women are silenced and instilled with fear, Creamos creates a space where women are heard and exercise self-determination through education, solidarity, creativity and leadership opportunities. To understand why our work is so important, it is crucial to first understand the physical and economic environment, and societal structures within which our members exist. The Guatemala City Garbage Dump is the largest in Central America, covering over 40 acres. It began in 1953 as a place to dispose of waste from the city and surrounding areas. During the 36 years of civil war, thousands of Guatemalans fled their homes and set up communities on the periphery of the dump to earn a living from materials that could be salvaged, cleaned and re-sold. Today, over 7,000 people work in the dump, risking their lives to earn between $2 - $3 per day. It has been the main income-source of many families in the communities for generations. Gender inequalities are deeply embedded in Guatemalan culture. During the 36-year civil war, rape and other forms of gender-based violence were systematically used by men as a weapon of terror. These practices became normalized in Guatemalan society, and though the war ended in 1996, they remain prevalent today. Beyond this exists the patriarchal society and high levels of impunity for acts of violence against women. These dynamics create feelings of powerlessness and vulnerability among women. They are made to feel helpless in their families, in their communities and before the law, so that no place is safe. Creamos was born out of a recognition of all of the challenges that women face in Guatemala as a whole, and particularly in the GCGD communities. Structural factors such as gender inequalities in employment and education in addition to the insecure nature of work at the GCGD and the patriarchal nature of society create a culture of financial dependence and low self-worth, where IPV is a societal norm. An estimated 90% of Creamos members are victims of significant physical, emotional, and economic abuse. We began as a social entrepreneurship program under Safe Passage in 2008 to provide greater income-generating opportunities and flexible and safe working conditions to enable women in the GCGD to break the cycle of poverty for themselves and their children. Since then we have grown into an independent non-profit organization, and our work has expanded to address the social and emotional challenges that women in the communities face, on top of their economic needs. We are working to provide the opportunities for women to create a community where they are afforded the chance to be heard and exercise self-determination through fair and stable employment, education, camaraderie, and leadership opportunities. "When you purchase one of our products, you're not only getting a unique piece of jewellery. Each piece is a symbol of hope, opportunity, respect and hard-work for not only one of us, but also for our children." - Irina, Creamos artisan

Associação Internacional Habitat para a Humanidade

We provide simple, decent, healthy and affordable housing to those in need, building home repairs for low-income families in favelas of São Paulo, Brazil. Help us make a difference!


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