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The Ocean Cleanup North Pacific Foundation

The Ocean Cleanup develops advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. Since 2019 they have removed 5,398,031 lbs of plastic and have a goal of removing 90 % of floating ocean plastic.

The Nature Conservancy

The mission of The Nature Conservancy is to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends. Our vision is a world where the diversity of life thrives, and people act to conserve nature for its own sake and its ability to fulfill our needs and enrich our lives.

We impact conservation in over 70 countries and territories.

We operate more than 100 marine conservation projects.

We have protected more than 125 million acres of land.

World Wildlife Fund, Inc.

The world's leading conservation organization, WWF works in 100 countries and is supported by 1.2 million members in the United States and millions globally. WWF's unique way of working combines global reach with a foundation in science, involves action at every level from local to global, and ensures the delivery of innovative solutions that meet the needs of both people and nature.

WWF works to conserve the world's most important forests to sustain nature's diversity, benefit our climate, and support human well-being
Safeguard healthy oceans and marine livelihoods
Secure water for people and nature
Protect the worlds most important species
Drive sustainable food systems to conserve nature and feed humanity
Create a climate-resilient and zero-carbon world, powered by renewable energy

Eden Reforestation Projects

Eden Reforestation Projects is a nonprofit NGO that works in developing countries to rebuild natural landscapes destroyed by deforestation. Eden works directly with communities experiencing extreme poverty resulting from the deforestation and destruction of the land that sustains them.

They have planted nearly a billion trees and does so for as little as $0.15 per tree.

Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation

Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation (INHF) is a statewide 501 (c)(3) nonprofit conservation organization that works with private landowners and public agencies to protect and restore Iowa’s land, water and wildlife. Since our founding in 1979, our supporters and staff have protected more than 190,000 acres of Iowa’s natural resources.

Nates Earth Day Fund

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