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Enable Nalanda 2.0 to launch Ekagrid in Bengaluru in 2022 Fund

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This fund is to raise $10,000 for Nalanda 2.0 to enable it to launch Ekagrid, a first-of-its-kind world-class multidisciplinary research university in India, in 2022. Ekagrid (previously University of the Future in India) has reached an agreement with the Karnataka Government to establish Ekagrid in Bengaluru and have signed MOUs. Why does this matter? In the knowledge economy, nations with great universities will thrive. The great universities of the world - be it Stanford, UC Berkeley or MIT of today, or Nalanda of ancient India - are multidisciplinary in nature; serve as engines for research, education, and innovation; drive economic growth; solve the problems of society and humanity; and make lives better for people. However, even after over 70 years of independence, India does not have even one such world-class multidisciplinary research university. What is the current status? Nalanda 2.0 launched this university initiative in 2018. Thanks to the support of over 1075 donors to Nalanda 2.0, which includes Cisco employees and matching company contributions, and dedicated efforts of many, significant progress has been made: assembled an exceptional team, developed an actionable plan, established a Section 8 non-profit company in India with a stellar Board of Directors, announced the founding Chancellor and the founding COO, finalized branding, registered trademarks, and received approvals for 12A and 80G exemptions. Most recently, reached an agreement with the Karnataka Government to establish Ekagrid in Bengaluru and signed two MOUs. More details can be found at What is the planned impact? When established, Ekagrid will spur the development of high technology industries in India and more broadly, solve problems that matter to society, create new knowledge, spur innovation and entrepreneurship, and prepare the next generation of innovators, researchers, entrepreneurs, and leaders. Thus, a gift to launch Ekagrid is a gift that will keep giving back, forever! How will funds be used? With your support, Nalanda 2.0 can complete the key next steps necessary for launching Ekagrid in 2022, including raising Phase 1 funds for the university, purchasing land, receiving regulatory approvals, selecting the founding VC and the founding team, and establishing additional partnerships with premier research universities.

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Nalanda 2.0

About Nalanda 2.0 / Giving Opportunity
Nalanda 2.0 is a nonprofit organization on a mission to transform India's higher education system and make it world class. Over the last 2.5 years, with a modest total fund of $160K, Nalanda 2.0 has made tremendous progress towards building a first-of-its-kind not-for-profit multidisciplinary research university in India, among other initiatives. Specifically, it has
(i) assembled an exceptional team of experts across academia, industry, and start-ups from India, Singapore, UAE, and the US,
(ii) developed an actionable plan to build the university,
(iii) received support of industry executives and government officials,
(iv) shortlisted locations for the university,
(v) established a growing network of experts who are ready to join or partner with the university, and
(vi) started receiving pledges towards the university's Phase 1 fundraising goal of $70M in philanthropic contributions.
With another estimated $200K in funding over the next year, Nalanda 2.0 is well poised to launch the university in 2021-22. Specifically, this new round of funding will enable Nalanda 2.0 to
(i) finalize a location and secure land for the university,
(ii) raise philanthropic funding of $70M for Phase 1 of the university,
(iii) execute on foundational actions, and
(iv) expand the founding team of administrators and faculty members.
Of this $200K fundraising goal, this Cisco campaign aims to raise $10K for Nalanda 2.0. Please consider making a generous donation and helping translate the dream of a world-class university in India into a reality. For additional details on the team and the initiative, please visit:

Enable Nalanda 2.0 to launch Ekagrid in Bengaluru in 2022 Fund

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