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Fund for Moldovans and Syrians in Need


Running a Half-Marathon for Syrians & Moldovans in Need. On July 31st, me, Natalia (my sister), Sean (Hubby) and Mohamed Nur (my 13 year old nephew; he also goes by Mido) will be running the San Francisco Marathon!!! (not to worry, we're running the half-marathon/5k race respectively). Why are we doing such a crazy thing you ask? Well, with good reason...Donation to our run will support two very important and worthy causes - the Syrian Refugee Relief NGO - Karam Foundation- and Hospice Angelus Moldova. A bit about them... 1. Karam Foundation - We are in the midst of the Europe's biggest refugee movement since WWII. The war has resulted in over 4 million Syrians refugees, half of whom are children. Every 50$ raised here will help one Syrian refugee family from Rehanli, Turkey, for one month, with medical assistance, food parcels and education for their children. 2. Hospice Angelus Moldova - A crucial organization that provides palliative care for terminally ill adults and children, as well as a great deal of education and advocacy in Moldova. In 2015, they performed 8,500+ home palliative care home visits, cared for 53 children, consulted for 4,200+ people, and distributed 100,000+ stoma therapy bags. I hope you will help us to support these two very worthwhile causes. There is not much we can do from afar, but with your help, we might make a bit of a difference in the lives of people in our home countries (or beloved adopted country in Sean's case). Thank you! Marina, Sean, Natalia and Mohamed Nur (her we are celebrating Mido's 11th birthday in Moldova)
Fund for Moldovans and Syrians in Need

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