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Latino Network Social Justice Fund


Donations to this fund will support organizations working on all aspects of social justice and equality for the Latino community including, but not limited to, domestic violence, Hispanic culture, education and health.

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Esperanza United

Casa de Esperanza is a leader in the domestic violence movement and a national resource center for organizations working with Latinas in the United States. Based in St. Paul, Minnesota Casa de Esperanza's mission is to "mobilize Latinas and Latino@ communities to end domestic violence." Founded in 1982 to provide emergency shelter for Latinas and other women and children experiencing domestic violence, the organization has grown to become the largest Latina organization in the country focused on domestic violence. Casa de Esperanza is also committed to becoming a greater resource to organizations and communities in the areas of sexual assault and trafficking.

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

HHF is focused on assisting "a Latino to help hundreds more" through a unique cycle of leadership built on a high-profile, year-round continuum of sustainable programs, including the Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards, Latinos On Fast Track (LOFT), Hispanic Heritage Awards and Public Awareness Campaigns. HHF promotes cultural pride, accomplishment and the great promise of the community through public awareness campaigns seen by millions.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Founded in 1975, the Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) empowers Latino families with the knowledge and resources needed to successfully complete a higher education, and provides scholarships and support services to as many exceptional Hispanic American students as possible. As the nation's largest non-profit organization supporting Hispanic American higher education, HSF has awarded over $588 million in scholarships and provides programs and support services for students and parent, HSF Scholars, and Alumni.

The National Alliance For Hispanic Health

The National Alliance for Hispanic Health is the premier science-based and community-driven organization that focuses on the best health for all. Community-based members provide services to more than 15 million Hispanics throughout the U.S. every year and national organization members provide services to more than 100 million people annually. They aim to close the gap in three key areas:
-research, services, and policy;
-scientific discovery and benefit for the individual;
-community services and medical practice.

Latino Network Social Justice Fund

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