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Since August 2021, the Taliban banned education for girls above 6th grade in Afghanistan. This put a stop to school projects in the region led by Sahar. Instead of giving up on the girls of the region, we have embraced new ways of working with local teachers and organizations to improve equity for girls in Afghanistan through multiple programs in partnership with local organizations. Current programs focus on literacy, computer skills, English, women's empowerment, sewing, and coding! Education is a fundamental right that should be accessible to everyone, regardless of gender. However, in Afghanistan, women and girls have faced numerous educational challenges. Helping to educate women and girls in Afghanistan is a matter of equal rights and a critical step toward building a brighter and more inclusive future for the country. Investing in girls' education can empower them to become leaders, change-makers, and community contributors. Providing educational opportunities to Afghan women and girls can also have a ripple effect, as educated women are more likely to marry later, have healthier families, and be active participants in the workforce. Furthermore, education can play a crucial role in breaking the cycle of poverty by equipping women with the skills and knowledge needed to secure better job opportunities. Our moral duty is to support organizations and initiatives working tirelessly to educate women and girls in Afghanistan as they strive to overcome societal obstacles and create a more equitable society. Together, we can help create a world where all individuals have the opportunity to reach their full potential and contribute to the betterment of their communities.
Help Educate Women & Girls in Afghanistan Fund

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