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This project provides a quality education to poor or orphaned children in India. The children are often marginalized because of their low caste. They don't have money to attend school let alone afford basic essentials. With a good education, these children will have an opportunity to succeed. They'll be able to pursue careers and contribute back to their communities. This project identifies children in need and provides them with their basic needs in order for them to succeed. They get a chance to attend a quality school that teaches, prepares, and encourages them to realize their dreams and pursue promising careers. They also receive after-school tutoring if extra academic help is needed. In addition to an education, children who are in most need may also receive assistance for food, shelter, and basic supplies to ensure they are cared for. This project will help 220 poor children receive a good education for a whole year. Children who would likely grow up illiterate, oppressed, and stuck in extreme poverty will have the chance to rise up and become resourceful contributors to their society. Older students who have been helped through this project have moved on to pursue higher education and now enjoy careers in teaching, nursing, counseling, computers, and various trades so they can give back to the community in meaningful ways.

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