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Fighting Dog Meat Trade in Asia

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Jellys Place

Jelly's Place officially funds Harbin Slaughterhouse Survivors in China - 3 expat girls that fully dedicated their lives to rescue cats and dogs from the Asian Dog and Cat Meat trade, take them in to their shelter and adopt them into families around the globe.

Animal Hope And Wellness Foundation

The AHAWF have been engaged in fighting dog meat trade in Asia or a very long time. Not only are they trying to rescue dogs on site, but they're also engaging on a political level, which is the only way to change it long-term. The dog meat trade goes along with inconceivably suffering and torture for the dogs (and cats) in Asia.

Soi Dog Foundation USA

Soi Dog Foundation in Thailand rescue and take care of stray dogs and care for hurt dogs and cats. They also take part in the fight against Dog Meat Trade in Asia on a political level. What they once the animals have gone through medical check, is to find foster of forever homes around the world. Those who are too traumatized to be placed in a home, stay at the Soi Dog house (which is huge) and are cared for by staff and volunteers. For those animals, it is possible to become a sponsor to ensure their monthly needs.

Animals Asia Foundation Limited

Animals Asia, a non-profit organization based in Hong Kong, tackles the issue of the dog meat trade from multiple angles. Animals Asia provides funding and training to about 100 animal welfare groups in China who are on the ground rescuing dogs and cats from the trade. Animals Asia’s four-year undercover investigation into the dog meat industry in China uncovered no large-scale breeding facilities in the country, meaning that “meat dogs” are often companion animals stolen from their homes or stray dogs. Their investigation has further helped raise public awareness around this important issue.

Fight against Dog Meat Trade Fund

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