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In India, more than 50 percent of women are illiterate. Living in poverty with a limited education greatly hinders these women from finding quality jobs to support their families. They face the dilemma of leaving their children to wander about the village as they work in the field. Their children are vulnerable and often end up with a substandard education. Our Women’s Empowerment project empowers poor women in rural villages with valuable sewing skills and a sewing machine so they can earn a respectable living and help their families. $75 provides training for a woman, $100 provides the sewing machine and $175 will both train and equip her. The women will attend a tailoring school and receive six months of training, where they will develop their sewing skills and learn about basic business practices. Once a woman graduates from the tailoring program, she will receive her own sewing machine. She will be able to start her own tailoring business from home and earn a daily income that can provide food and basic necessities for the whole family. The beauty of a home based business for women is that it not only provides income that can be used for food clothing and education, but since they are home it helps them improve their children’s opportunity for success. The children will be able to attend a better school and their mother will be home to help insure their homework gets done and that they are in school every day. Empowering a woman with training and a sewing machine is a great way to transform a family.
Empower an Indian Woman Fund

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