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Eleanor Marcell Cuddle Cot Memorial Fund

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"Even the smallest footprints can leave an imprint on this world" We are devastated by the passing of our daughter Eleanor Diane Ruth Marcell. On Sunday, November 1st, Jason and I went to the emergency room. After monitoring, no fetal movement or heartbeat was detected. I delivered our daughter stillborn at 9:20 am on Tuesday, November 3rd. Our little miracle measured 17” and weighed 5 lbs 4 oz. Her gestational age on November 1st was 34 weeks, 6 days. We are so grateful for the outpouring of love and support of all that have surrounded our family in the last weeks. During the unimaginable grief we experienced during our hospital stay from November 1st through the 5th, we were comforted by the ability to spend time with our daughter in our room through the use of a Cuddle Cot. Cuddle Cots are a sort of small refrigeration system used in a bassinet that helps slow decomposition, thus allowing bereaved parents like us the gift of time with our baby. Jason and I took solace in the fact that our precious baby did not need to spend any time in a morgue because of this device. Instead, she was with us and our nursing staff until the funeral home came to pick her up. Unfortunately, Cuddle Cots are not available in all hospitals in Louisiana, and the overall number of Cuddle Cots in Louisiana is extremely low. To honor our beloved baby, we are seeking to raise funds to donate a Cuddle Cot in her memory and pass on the gift of time to other parents experiencing the gut-wrenching loss we experienced. We are partnering with The Ardent Foundation to acquire and donate a Cuddle Cot to Ochsner Kenner’s birthing center, which currently does not have any Cuddle Cots. And if our Go Fund Me is so blessed we might be able to donate more Cuddle Cots to additional hospitals all over the state of Louisiana. Links: "The CuddleCot™ cooling pad is placed in any Moses basket, crib, bed, or another receptacle. It is connected by a specially insulated hose and is quietly cooled using the CuddleCot cooling unit. The CuddleCot system comes in its own carry case with two sizes of cooling pad for premature and full-term babies. The CuddleCot cools to an ideal temperature for preserving baby without being too cold for the parents." One of the best ways you can honor Eleanor is to hug your children close to you and tell them how much you love them - whether they are 3, 23, or 43.
Eleanor Marcell Cuddle Cot Memorial Fund

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