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The Fistula Foundation

Fistula Foundation is a recommended charity by The Life You Can Save. Fistula Foundation is the global leader in treating obstetric fistula, a devastating childbirth injury that leaves women incontinent, humiliated, and often shunned by their communities. In addition to covering direct surgery costs, Fistula Foundation also supports training surgeons, equipping facilities, grassroots community outreach, and holistic post-surgery reintegration.

Oxfam-America Inc.

Oxfam is a recommended charity by The Life You Can Save. Oxfam works to sustainably improve lives through advocacy, disaster relief, education, health, sanitation and women's rights.

Project Healthy Children

PHC is a rated a standout charity at givewell. Working to reduce micronutrient deficiencies by assisting with food fortification programs. PHC aims to reduce micronutrient deficiencies by providing assistance to small countries as they design and implement food fortification programs. We believe that food fortification with certain micronutrients can be a highly effective intervention

Malaria Consortium US

Malaria Consortium's seasonal malaria chemoprevention program a top-rated charity at givewell. Malaria Consortium (malariaconsortium.org) works on preventing, controlling, treating, and eliminating malaria and other communicable diseases in Africa and Asia.


GiveDirectly is rated a top charity at givewell. Distributing cash to very poor individuals in Kenya and Uganda. Directly transferring money to poor individuals allows them to purchase that which they believe will help them most. Strong evidence indicates that cash transfers lead recipients to spend more on their basic needs.

Evidence Action Inc

Evidence Action's Deworm the World Initiative is rated a top charity at givewell. Supporting deworming programs in low-income countries. The Deworm the World Initiative supports government-run deworming programs. It has a strong track record of starting and scaling up deworming programs. Evidence Action's Dispensers for Safe Water is rated a standout charity at givewell. Providing chlorine dispensers for decontamination of drinking water. Dispensers for Safe Water provides chlorine dispensers at wells and other water sources in Kenya, Uganda, and Malawi. We believe there is strong evidence that chlorination inactivates most diarrhea-causing microorganisms, but weaker evidence indicating a causal relationship between chlorination programs and a reduction in under-5 diarrhea and deaths.

Against Malaria Foundation

Against Malaria Foundation is rated a top charity at givewell. Insecticide-treated nets to prevent malaria in sub-Saharan Africa. Malaria is one of the leading killers of children in Africa. Insecticide-treated nets prevent malaria and are inexpensive — about $5 per net.

Living Goods

Living Goods is rated a standout charity at givewell. Supporting a network of community health promoters in Uganda. Living Goods sells health products door-to-door and provides basic health counseling in sub-Saharan Africa. A randomized controlled trial measured a 27% reduction in childhood mortality as a result of its program

Seva Foundation

Seva is a recommended charity by The life you can save. Seva's eye care programs serve nearly one million children and adults in 20 countries yearly, including $50 vision-restoring cataract surgeries.

Innovations for Poverty Action

Innovations for Poverty Action is a recommended charity at The life you can save. IPA’s work researching and promoting poverty solutions has impacted over 144 million people with improved health, education, and other benefits.


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