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Looking to make the most out of your donation? Donating to the Developing World Fund is the best way to make sure your money is going to substantially improving and saving lives. This fund includes vetted, high impact-per-dollar charities with two goals: treatment of preventable illnesses and alleviation of extreme poverty. Even a modest donation can have a big impact when you donate to highly effective organizations that are helping people to meet their most basic needs. For example, highly treatable diseases can be cured with very small amounts of money (Against Malaria Foundation can distribute a long lasting insecticidal net for every $5 donate. Anti-parasitic medicine can be distributed by Evidence Action for less than $1 a dose). Providing cash flow and microloans to people in the world’s poorest regions enables them to improve their quality of life and find increased independence. How many lives can you save with your donation today?
Developing World Fund

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