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Your dollar of giving goes a lot further in the poorest parts of the world. I've selected 3 charities representing a variety of highly impactful health and economic interventions recommended by GiveWell, a third party evaluator.

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Against Malaria Foundation

Malaria is generally regarded in effective altruism literature to be the #1 most effective "lives saved per marginal dollar." GiveWell, an independent third party evaluator, ranks Against Malaria Foundation as their #1 recommended charity.


From GiveWell: Directly transferring money to poor individuals allows them to purchase that which they believe will help them most. Strong evidence indicates that cash transfers lead recipients to spend more on their basic needs (such as food) and may allow recipients to make investments with high returns, with no evidence of large increases in spending on items like alcohol or tobacco. (For more, see our full report on cash transfers.) We believe that GiveDirectly effectively distributes cash to extremely low-income individuals.

Evidence Action Inc

Evidence Action scales proven, rigorously evaluated development solutions to benefit millions of people around the world. We fill the gap between knowing “what works" and having impact at massive scale. We work according to the following principles: · Only scale interventions whose efficacy is backed by substantial rigorous evidence;· Target cost-effective interventions that can improve the lives of millions; · Identify innovative, appropriate financing mechanisms; · Build best practice operational models; · Voraciously self-evaluate, learn and improve our models for scaling.Evidence Action's two flagship programs are Deworm the World Initiative and Dispensers for Safe Water, serving a combined 40 million people in Southeast Asia and Eastern and Southern Africa.

Developing World Fund

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