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Creation of a day care center and social enterprise for autistic persons Villa AutisticA Fund

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ABOUT THE HOUSE „VILLA AUTISTICA” - what needs to be repaired, for what purpose, in what planned term, what activities will be carried out in it, expected results. The Persons with Developmental Problems Assistance Foundation came into possession of a plot of land (731 sq.m.) with a three-storey house located on it with a built-up area of 116.83 sq.m. and total built-up area of 614 sq.m., at 4 Kosta Petrunov Str., Slatina district in Sofia, consisting of a semi-underground, first, second, third attic floor and established gratuitous right of use, granted by Sofia Municipality for a period of 10 years. In it the team plans to create, equip and develop an enriched complex service with innovative management, including a day-care center for children and adults with developmental problems and a social enterprise. Autistic individuals need a variety of appropriate forms of support throughout their lives. Therefore, it is necessary to develop and implement individual projects for independent living for each of them. Our foundation pays the necessary attention to the group dynamics in order to build an interpersonal relationship and at the same time relationships in the social environment. It is known that in Bulgaria there is no network organization of services for people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) at all ages. Therefore, one of the guiding principles in the management of our organization is to ensure the continuity of services for children, youth and adults. The organization is currently working with the Autism - Education, Future and Opportunities Association. In the House the organization will further develop and upgrade the model "Workshop for the development of cognitive skills and increase the capacity for autonomy", as well as Dance-Motor Therapy for Psychosomatic Development. It will apply innovative management, continuously and long-term, so that it can simultaneously meet social needs and create new social relationships and cooperation. Working with parents and siblings is another key moment in its planned activities. The effect of therapies and rehabilitation for people with developmental problems is insufficient if it is not integrated with psycho-social interventions with the whole family. Another important goal of the organization is the creation of supported employment, employment support, and social enterprise for its users. It already has a working creative studio in ceramics, Art and Jump Workshop. We plans to develop resilience and create work skills in the field of applied arts for young people with disabilities. In the premises of the House, the Foundation will provide the following licensed social services (under the Social Services Act, Art. 15): 1. informing and consulting; 2. advocacy and mediation; 3. community work; 4. therapy and rehabilitation; 5. training for acquiring skills; 6. support for acquiring work skills; 7. day care; The organization plans to provide both mobile social services and services in the home environment. Its functionalist approach to the process of constructing the social services it provides is related to the use of new tools (management, work organization, combination of resources, etc.), with a change in the relationship between it as a service provider and consumers, as well as with the integration of services and the implementation of a multidisciplinary approach with high consumer and public resonance. The implementation of the principles of intervention that are best supported by evidence, such as examples of good practice developed by the Autism Europe Association and the Council of the European Society for Child and Adolescent Psychology (ESCAP) ) are: • Individualization - there is no single treatment that is equally effective for all people with ASD. The various manifestations in the spectrum, the individual skills, interests, life vision and circumstances require personalization. • Structure - adapting the environment to maximize each individual participation, offering varying degrees of predictability and stability, more effective means of communication, setting clear short-term and long-term goals, defining the ways in which these goals can be achieved , monitoring the results. • Intensity and generalization - the interventions used should not be sporadic or short-term, but should be applied systematically every day in different conditions and by everyone. • Family participation - throughout childhood and beyond, parents should be recognized and valued as key elements of any intervention. After the organization makes major repairs and provides adequate material and technical base for the planned activities, it plans to apply for a delegated state budget. We want the services provided to be free and accessible. But until then, on the initial quantity-value account, it will need the following means: № Summarized quantitative-value building account of Kosta Petrunov Street №4 Cost in BGN for sq. m. gross area 613 sq. m. 1 Fence and construction materials for its installation. 30 000 2 Roof repair Steel roof structure and wooden frames 12 700 Covering with rolls on boards 8 000 Plastered roof insulation 6 914 Cladding with sheets or PVC 480 Covering with metal tiles 6 436 Roof gutters 5 678 Drain pipes 1 500 Health and safety activities 250 41 958 3 Joinery /carpentry / Windows 15 692 Entrance doors 6 000 21 692 Total without VAT 93 650 BGN If at the entrance of the House „Villa AutisticA” there are unsupported families of autistic individuals or other developmental problems, at its exit there should be satisfied people with a sense of belonging and increased well-being.

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Creation of a day care center and social enterprise for autistic persons Villa AutisticA Fund

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