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In these tough times, many of us have been unable to procure some of the basic healthcare services, after testing Covid positive, even if we had the resources and means to afford them. If this is the case with us, think about those underprivileged and homeless habitants of the city, who probably do not even know which medicine to take to ease their bodyaches or how to procure food if they feel fatigue after getting the virus. The Indian Women and Child Welfare Trust are providing free dry ration and hygiene kits to more than 350 persons in need of food in west Delhi slum areas monthly. To make this possible, Indian Women and Child Welfare Trust is starting a Food Distributing Program. Wherein we aim to make and distribute at least 900-1000 Dry Ration Bags and Wellness Kits – comprising some basic over the counter medicines, a tetrapack of ORS, etc. The least that we can do, is give everyone a chance to give a tough fight to this virus. Help us do that and donate for those who need some care in these times.

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