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Black Lives Matter Legal Representation Fund


Americans are rising in anger and hope to protest systemic violence and injustice fueled by outrage over the killing of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer. Bright Funds has established the Black Lives Matter Legal Representation Fund, composed of pre-vetted nonprofits committed to providing legal representation to those who actively seek to eliminate racism through activism. Through a single tax deductible donation to the Fund you will support a group of nonprofits that are part of the movement to fight for freedom, liberation and justice for all Black lives.

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National Lawyers Guild Foundation Inc

The NLG is dedicated to the need for basic change in the structure of our political and economic system. The NLG Mass defense program is offering pro bono legal representation to protesters. Their aim is to bring together all those who recognize the importance of safeguarding and extending the rights of workers, women, LGBTQ people, farmers, people with disabilities and people of color, upon whom the welfare of the entire nation depends; who seek actively to eliminate racism; who work to maintain and protect their civil rights and liberties in the face of persistent attacks upon them; and who look upon the law as an instrument for the protection of the people, rather than for their repression.

Legal Rights Center Incorporated

The Legal Rights Center’s staff of attorneys and Community Advocates provide quality legal representation for both juveniles and adults without charge. Their controlled caseloads allow our attorneys to dedicate their efforts to each client. They firmly believe that people who are poor and have been charged with a crime must receive the same representation that a person of wealth would receive. Their roots are in defending cases in which activists of color become targeted by police, and they will continue to be of service to their communities for those who cannot afford private attorneys.

Advancement Project

Advancement Project is a next generation, multi-racial civil rights organization. Rooted in the great human rights struggles for equality and justice, we exist to fulfill America’s promise of a caring, inclusive and just democracy. We use innovative tools and strategies to strengthen social movements and achieve high impact policy change.Vision: We envision a future where people of color are free – where they can thrive, be safe and exercise power. Driven by the genius of ordinary people and their movements, racism will no longer exist and justice will be radically transformed.

Know your Rights Camp Legal Defense Initiative

Their mission is to advance the liberation and well-being of Black and Brown communities through education, self-empowerment, mass-mobilization and the creation of new systems that elevate the next generation of change leaders.

This initiative is fiscally sponsored by Entertainment Industry Foundation. Know your Rights Camp Legal Defense Initiative has partnered with Entertainment Industry Foundation to provide to provide fiduciary oversight, financial management, and other administrative services as a 501(c)(3) public charity to Know your Rights Camp Legal Defense Initiative.

National Bail Out

National Bail Out is a Black-led and Black-centered collective of abolitionist organizers, lawyers and activists building a community-based movement to support our folks and end systems of pretrial detention and ultimately mass incarceration.

This initiative is fiscally sponsored by Highlander Research & Education Center Inc. National Bail Out has partnered with Highlander Research & Education Center Inc to provide to provide fiduciary oversight, financial management, and other administrative services as a 501(c)(3) public charity to National Bail Out.
Black Lives Matter Legal Representation Fund

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