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Black Lives Matter Immediate Support Fund


The coronavirus has shed light on racism and systemic weaknesses within our society. Bright Funds has established the Black Lives Matter Immediate Support Fund, composed of pre-vetted nonprofits committed to supporting the brave men and women who are taking a stand against racism and peacefully protesting during a pandemic. Through a single tax deductible donation to the Fund you will support a group of nonprofits that are part of the movement to fight for freedom, liberation and justice for all Black lives.

Your Donation Supports

Minnesota Freedom Fund Inc

The Minnesota Freedom Fund pays criminal bail and immigration bond for those who cannot afford to as they seek to end discriminatory, coercive, and oppressive jailing. The support is translated into more people keeping their jobs and housing while they wait for the outcome of their charges.

Lake Street Council

The Lake Street Council will donate 100% of funds to help rebuild Lake Street, starting with direct support to small businesses and nonprofits to help them rebuild their storefronts, reopen their businesses and serve their neighborhoods. A majority of Lake Street businesses are owned by immigrants and people of color, and Lake Street Council is committed to ensuring that our support is accessible to all businesses and has an equitable impact. As they work to allocate and distribute these funds, they will focus on helping the hardest-hit and most vulnerable businesses in their community, which disproportionately includes immigrant and POC-owned businesses.

The Bail Project

The Bail Project, Inc. is an unprecedented effort to combat mass incarceration at the front end of the system. The Bail Projectâ„¢ National Revolving Bail Fund provides free bail assistance to low-income individuals who are legally presumed innocent, and whom a judge has deemed eligible for release before trial contingent on paying bail. They pay bail for people in need, reuniting families and restoring the presumption of innocence. Because bail is returned at the end of a case, donations to The Bail Projectâ„¢ National Revolving Bail Fund can be recycled and reused to pay bail two to three times per year, maximizing the impact of every dollar.

Black Lives Matter Immediate Support Fund

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