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Bay Area Dog Rescue Fund


A collection of great organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area, some big, some small, serving dogs. Inspired by our own mutt, Daley, who was rescued from rural Glenn County, California, by Copper's Dream.

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San Francisco SPCA; SF SPCA

San Francisco SPCA: This is a registered 501c(3) nonprofit.

Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA

Peninsula Humane Society & Spca: This is a registered 501c(3) nonprofit.

Berkeley-East Bay Humane Society

Berkeley East Bay Humane Society Inc.: This is a registered 501c(3) nonprofit.


Muttville’s mission is to change the way the world thinks about and treats older dogs and to create better lives for them through rescue, foster, adoption and hospice.

Rocket Dog Rescue Inc

Rocket Dog Rescue is a volunteer based organization serving the greater Bay Area, dedicated to saving homeless and abandoned dogs from over crowded animal shelters. We also help dogs from other areas that have compelling situations where they are in danger of abuse, neglect or euthanasia. Rocket Dog Rescue places non-aggressive dogs into temporary foster homes where they are socialized, spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and treated for any medical or behavioral conditions limiting their adoptability. RDR actively searches for permanent homes for its foster dogs by producing and distributing photo-biographic posters, by hosting an actively updated website and by organizing mobile adoption fairs and special events that provide exposure to potential adopters. Rocket Dog Rescue also provides assistance to individuals and animal rescue groups fostering dogs in need of permanent new homes.

Coppers Dream Rescue

What's a mission if it isn't ambitious? Copper's Dream was founded with the goal to help end the euthanasia of adoptable dogs in the US through increasing public awareness, taking legal action benefiting shelter animals, and by rescuing dogs and scheduled for euthanasia and placing them in permanent and loving homes.

Family Dog & Puppy Rescue

NorCal Family Dog rescue Family Dog Rescue is a grassroots-grown, dog rescue organization founded in 2010 to save 800+ family-friendly dogs a year at risk of euthanasia and place them with loving forever families. They maintain their own shelter in the Mission District of San Francisco.

They have been featured by The Discovery Channel, The Huffington Post, PayPal, Martha Stewart Living, Uber, Instagram, and Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Bay Area Dog Rescue Fund

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