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Angelic Children Bulgaria - equip the children with special needs with tools and software to learn and play

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Angelic Children Foundation

The activities of Foundation Angelic Children" are oriented towards helping the development of children with special educational needs and their relatives. Among the therapeutic and innovative methods are working with specialists in the field of ergotherapy, sensory integration and psychologists. Furthermore, applying of an individual approach in the work with kids who needs preparation for school or kindergarten. The individual approach includes activities not only towards the ability of writing and recognizing letters and numbers, but even more - it is necessary for them to have the so-called functional readiness", which includes motor coordination, planning of the movements and activities, sensory-integrative development. Children with special educational needs and the difficulties they suffer are not only in the sphere of reading, writing and mathematics. They are also related to global and fine motoring, vestibular sensitivity, sensory perception and sensory integration, visual and auditory perception of information. The adequate flow of these functions depends on the maturity of the nervous system and the social development. Children with special educational needs have specific difficulties which are prerequisite for difficulties in life, in kindergarten and in school. In order to reach its goal The Foundation will use the following means: organising events such as Open Doors", campaigns, etc. developing programs towards working with kids with special educational needs, and also special modules; attracting partnerships, aiming to ensure equipped specialized premises for working with those children, and also sponsorships (grants); creating of spectacles, settings and other events; gathering of physical and human resource in order to create suitable environment for children with SEN and their integration on national and international level; organising public events, aiming to spread The Foundation's activity, and also attracting kids with SEN and their parents; attracting financing through organisations, individual and legal entities on national and international level; participation in projects and initiatives for helping the education of children with SEN and their integration; implementing of partnerships with other national and international organisations; accomplish the exchange of ideas, experience and information with international organisations and organising of events on subjects, related to the main activity of The Foundation.

Angelic Children Bulgaria Fund

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