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Several recent reports have drawn attention to the sudden increase in mental health needs among children. One of them, called Child Suicide in Mexico: It is a problem that is not talked about enough, for example, the story of Analy. At 10 years old, Analy was a "normal" girl. This is how she is described by her family. She is obedient and with good grades in school. She liked to play dolls and jump rope. After her suicide, her parents will be left with uncertainty about why her little girl made that decision. She - she looked so good. I don't know what really happened –says Mónica Ortiz Félix, the mother. Next, the report reports that cases like Analy's are increasingly common in Mexico. In 2010, there were 118 deaths of boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 14 due to suicide. The 641 cases reported in 2018 show that incidents increased five-fold. In this bleak context, we ask you today to consider making a donation to Amextra's psychology program in the State of Mexico. Through this program, we work with both children and adults to detect and address needs for psychological support, before it is too late.
Amextra-Sentir para sanar Fund

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