ReDI School of Digital Integration gGmbH

Zinnowitzer Strasse 8, Berlin, N/A, 10115, DE

Using technology to break down barriers and connect the leaders of tomorrow. The ReDI School, founded in 2016, is school for asylum seekers and refugees to to learn IT skills in collaboration with IT professionals and leading technology companies. We teach 3-month courses like basic web development, app development, and Internet of Things, which are very relevant for the future job market. We encourage our students to also participate in other programs, like, workshops, corporate training, giving presentations to build their soft skills and we also actively place them in jobs and internships. Our strong network of tech leaders, mentors and alumni to contributes to this immensely and creates new opportunities for all. Over 1.2 million refugees came to Germany since 2015 and experts estimate integration of these newcomers into the job market will be challenging. At the same time, there are 55,000 vacancies for IT specialists in the German job market according to bitkom, an IT industry association, with a clear trend of increasing in the future. The idea behind ReDI school was co-created with refugees and the Berlin Tech Community. Our main differentiator vis-a-vis other integration initiatives in Germany is that we lay great value in co-creating along with refugees.

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